Sadly this page is impossible to keep upto date as Jellycat keep changing the dates for stuff that has been retired, items that have been retired a long time are showing up in the most recent retired pages. I’ve tried my best to do this, sorry if there are any mistakes.

Bashful Iris Bunny
Bashful Lilac Bunny
Bashful Plum Bunny
Starry Bunny Chime
Starry Bunny Grabber

Bashful Cottontail Bunny – Special Edition
Bashful Darcy – Special Edition
Xmas Bashful Bunny – Tiny

Bashful Bunny Musical Mobile
Bashful Natural Wrapping Paper
Bashful Eddy – Special Edition
Bashful Organic Bunny
Blossom Bashful Chocolate Bunny – Small
Blossom Bashful Cream Bunny (Blue) – Small

Bashful Emily – Special Edition
Bashful Gigi – Special Edition
Blossom Bashful Beige Bunny – Red/White
Buttercup – Small, Medium, Large
Bonnie Rattle
Frankie Rattle
Bashful Pink Booties
Bashful Blue Booties
Bashful Cream Comforter

Bashful Bunny Oscar – Special Edition
Bashful Cream Bunny Blankette
Bashful Mimi – Special Edition
Bonbon Bunny – Special Edition
Roberta Rabbit – Special Edition

Bashful Blossom Honey Bunny – Small and Medium
Bashful Blossom Treacle – Small
Bashful Blackberry Bunny – Special Edition
Bashful Bonnie – Special Edition
Bashful Bubbles – Special Edition
Bashful Clover Bunny – Special Edition
Bashful Curly – Special Edition
Bashful Didi – Special Edition
Bashful Dixie – Special Edition
Bashful Eloise – Special Edition
Bashful Fifi – Special Edition
Bashful Flossie – Special Edition
Bashful Frankie – Special Edition
Bashful Harry – Special Edition
Bashful Heidi – Special Edition
Bashful Hettie – Special Edition
Bashful Izzy – Special Edition
Bashful Katie – Special Edition
Bashful Nissa – Special Edition
Blossom Bashful Treacle Bunny
Bashful Cream Bunny Musical Pull
Bashful Cream Booties
Bashful Beige Booties
Bashful Wrapping Paper Blue

Bashful Beige Bunny Bag
Bashful Cream Bunny Bag
Bashful Beige Bunny Blankette
Bashful Beige Bunny Comforter In Box
Bashful Beige Bunny Keyring
Bashful Beige Bunny Pencil Case
Bashful Beige Bunny Squeaker Toy
Bashful Blossom Cream Bunny Comforter
Bashful Cream Bunny Ring Rattle
Bashful Blue Bunny Comforter
Bashful Pink Bunny Comforter
Bashful Bunny and Soother
Bashful Pink Bunny Musical Pull
Bashful Hat
Bashful Scarf
Bashful Imogen – Special Edition
Bashful Laurie – Special Edition
Bashful Lulu – Special Edition
Bashful Maisie – Special Edition
Bashful Odette – Special Edition
Bashful Ophelia – Special Edition
Bashful Phoebe – Special Edition
Betsy Bunny Sleeptime
Betsy Bunny Winter Wonderland
Bibi Bunny Winter Warmer
Floral Bella Bunny (White Green Dress)

Bashful Georgia – Special Edition
Bashful Isla – Special Edition
Bashful Jamie – Special Edition
Bashful Jemima – Special Edition
Bashful Millie – Special Edition
Bashful Nicky – Special Edition
Bashful Quentin – Special Edition
Bashful Sherbet – Small and Medium
Bashful Mint Bunny – Small and Medium
Bashful Treacle – Small and Medium
Bashful Wriggle Bunny – Small and Medium
Bella Bunny Night Time
Blossom Heart Rose Pink Bunny – Tiny
Blossom Heart Tulip Pink Bunny – Tiny
Floral Betsy Bunny (Beige)
Onesie Bunny
Bashful Beige Bunny Ring Rattle
Bashful Beige Bunny Sleeptime
Bashful Blossom Cream Bunny Booties
Bashful Blue Bunny Musical Pull
Bashful Blue Bunny Ring Rattle
Bashful Cream Bunny Ring Rattle
Bashful Pink Bunny Ring Rattle
Bashful Pink Bunny Ring Rattle
Boubou Blossom Bunny Soother
Boubou Bunny Soother Blue
BouBou Bunny Soother Pink
Bashful Cushion Beige
Bashful Cushion White
Blossom Cream Bunny Chime
Bashful Sleeptime Mat
Bashful Pipsqueak Bunny Blue
Bashful Pipsqueak Bunny Pink


Bashful Candy Stripe Bunny – All
Bashful Chocolate Bunny – All
Bashful Dot Bunny – All
Bashful Dutch Bunny – All
Bashful Honey Bunny – All
Bashful Rose – All
Bashful Strawberry – All
Blossom Silver Bunny (Green) – All
Bashful Josie – Special Edition
Bashful Kara – Special Edition
Bashful Keeley – Special Edition
Bashful Lexie – Special Edition
Bashful Lucie – Special Edition
Bashful Natalia – Special Edition
Bashful Ollie – Special Edition
Bashful Paloma – Special Edition
Bashful Queenie – Special Edition
Bashful Sherbet – Special Edition
Betsy Bunny Ballerina (Dark Pink Beige)
Bashful Blue Bunny Squeaker Toy
Bashful Honey Bunny Bag
Bashful Pink Bunny Squeaker Toy
Blossom Bunny Squeaker Toy
Bashful Tulip Bunny Soother
Starry Bunny Rattle
Starry Bunny Soother
Velvet Bunny Pink Soother

Bashful Aqua – Tiny
Bashful Berry – All
Beige Blossom – Greeny
Bashful Blake – All
Blossom Bluebell Bunny – All
Bashful Pecan – All
Blossom Rose Bunny – All
Bashful Saffron – All
Blossom Tulip Bunny – All
Bashful Treacle -All
Bashful Twinkle – Large and Huge
Bashful Walnut – All
Bella Bunny Ballerina (Pale Pink)
Bibi Bunny Ballerina (Purple)
Pink My Bunny Book
Blue My Bunny Book
Sleepy Bunny Book
Twinkle Bunny Grabber
Bashful Cream Grabber
Bashful Silver Bunny Grabber
Blossom Cream Bunny Star Musical Pull
Twinkle Star Musical Pull
Bashful Pipsqueak Cream
BouBou Cream Soother
BouBou Beige Soother
BouBou Blossom Cream Soother


Apricot – All
Berry – All
Beige Blossom Bunny – Tiny
Beige Blossom – Old Style All
Birch – All
Bluebell – All
Hyacinth – Small
Maple – All
Pecan – All
Sorbet – All
Truffle – Large
Bashful Blush Snow Bunny
Bashful Silver Chime
Bashful Tulip Blossom Chime
Bashful Cream Blossom Soother
Twinkle Soother
Bashful Tulip Soother
Bashful Beige Bunny Muslin Soother
Blossom Silver Grabber
Twinkle Grabber
Blossom Tulip Booties
Blossom Silver Booties
Twinkle Musical Pull
Bashful Melamine Set
If I Were A Rabbit Book
Blue My Bunny Book
Pink My Bunny Book
Bashful Bunny Jersey Blanket


Cottontail – Large and Huge
Cream Blossom – Small
Truffle – Large and Huge
Twinkle – Large and Huge
Cream Snow Bunny
Twinkle Stocking
Starlight Stocking

Beige Chime
Cream Chime
Blue Booties
Cream Booties
Pink Booties
Blue Dummy
Cream Dummy
Pink Dummy
Beige Soother Muslin
Blue Soother Muslin
Pink Soother Muslin
Silver Blossom Grabber
Beige Long Bag
Tulip Long Bag
Bunny Soother In Box
Melamine Plate


Aqua – All
Aqua Blossom – Small
Beige Blossom – All
Biscuit – All
Buttermilk – All
Coral – All
Cream Blossom – All
Lavender – All
Silver Blossom – All

Tiny All Blossom Beige
Tiny All Blossom Silver
Tiny All Blossom Tulip
Berry Snug Bunny
Blush Snow Bunny

My 1st Bunny
My 1st Soother
My 1st Bunny Blue
My 1st Bunny Pink
Beige Booties
Beige Blossom Soother
Beige Blossom Grabber
Beige Blossom Musical Pull
Beige Pouch
Blush Blossom Soother
Blue Muslin
Pink Muslin
Bamboo Set
My 1st Photo Cards
Square Card


Aqua Blossom –  M
Biscuit – S, M
Blue – L
Buttermilk – All
Cassis Sparkly – S, M
Cinnamon – All
Lavender – All
Peony – All
Navy – T
Seaspray – All
Sparklet – S, M

Navy Keyring
Saffron Keyring

Blossom Tulip Bunny Grabber
Beige Bashful Booties
Blue Bashful Booties
Cream Bashful Booties
Pink Bashful Booties
Twinkle Musical Pull
Beige Blossom Musical Pull
Silver Blossom Musical Pull
Beige Bunny Chime
Cream Bunny Chime
Silver Bunny Chime
Beige Wooden Ring
Blue Wooden Ring
Tulip Blossom Ring
Silver Wooden Ring
Pink Wooden Ring
Pink Bunny Gift Set
Blossom Tulip Gift Set
Twinkle Blossom Soother
Bedtime Blossom Bunny
Bedtime Blossom Soother