Hello and welcome to my website about Jellycat’s Bashful Bunnies, I have been collecting Bashfuls now since around 2008/9 and I love them as you can see from my collection. I’m members of a few facebook groups about Jellycat and people on there want some information so I thought I’d set up this site so it might be able to help people who require information about the Bunnies that have been released
On here you’ll find information and pictures of a lot of the Bashful Bunny items that have been released over the year. Ive also got a list of the retired Bashfuls and the current ones. Also websites where you can buy them. It will be being updated with more stuff over the next few weeks but I wanted to get the site launched.

To view all the normal coloured Bunnies you can find them
Normal Colours

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Special Editions

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Dressed Bashfuls

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Other Bashful Releases

To view the current releases of Bashfuls you can find them
Current Releases

To view the retired Bashful Bunnies you can find them
Retired Bashfuls

To view a list of shops selling Jellycat in the UK and USA you can find them

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Thank you for visiting the site