Beige Blossom have come in 4 different styles in the UK so far (That I’ve seen)
Red/Green which was released in 3 sizes Tiny, Small and Medium
Pink/ White which was released in 4 sizes Tiny, Small, Medium and Large
Blue which was released in 2 sizes Small and Medium
Liberty which I’ve only seen in Small, it might have been released in other sizes but I’ve only seen it in Small

The 4 different types of Blossom

1st Generation

NameBeige Blossom
Style NumberSmall – BLB6BBN
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release Date2011 Main Catalogue
Retired Date2011
Where It Was ReleasedUK

2nd Generation

NameBeige Blossom
Style NumberTiny – BLSB6BB
Small – BLS6BN
Medium – BL3BBN
Large – BLS6BN
Sizes ReleasedTiny
Release DateSmall 2011 Additions Catalogue
Tiny & Medium 2013 Main Catalogue
Large 2018 Main
Retired Date2019
Where It Was ReleasedUK

3rd Generation

NameBeige Blossom Blue
Style NumberSmall – BL6BB
Medium – BL3BB
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release Date2019 Main Catalogue
Retired Date2020
Where It Was ReleasedUK