Here I will list some shops that you can buy Bashfuls from, I will try and also list some shops in America for any American visitors to the site. I will be adding more over time.
Just click on the name to be taken to the website

UK shops selling Jellycats

Just A Little Something Happy to ship internationally just contact them

Bacton Bears

Bear Garden Ships Internationally

BoPeep Boutique

Campus Gifts Ships Internationally

Corfe Bears

Expression Gifts Can Ship Internationally just email them

Fleurtations Ships Internationally

Hares & Graces


Jelly Express Ships Internationally

Jeremy Home Store

John Lewis

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Ships Internationally


Maison White Ships Internationally

Nest Gifts

One More Bear

Parsley Pot

Plush Paws Ships Internationally

Rainbows and Dragons


Temptation Gifts Ships Internationally

White Company

World Of Bears Ships Internationally

American shops selling Jellycats

The Animal Kingdom Ships to the UK

Lil Tulips Ships to the UK

Moms Milk Boutique Ships to the UK

Cow and Lizard

Pacifier Kids

Australian shops selling Jellycats

My Teddy My Teddy sell plain and personalised Bashful Bunnies

Rockabeez Gifts Australia

Jellycat Information Site

Jellycat Database