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USA Exclusive Releases

Here is a list of the Bashful Bunnies that have just been released in America

Beau – All Sizes
Blake – Huge
Blush – Large and Huge
Grey – Same as UK Silver
Jasmine – All Sizes
Kiwi – Medium
Lily – All Sizes
Peach – All Sizes
Pistachio – All Sizes
Posy – All Sizes
Tessa Blossom – All
Woodland – Same as UK Cottontail

Blake Bashful

Style NumberSmall – BASS6BLA
Medium – BAS3BLA
Large – BAL2BLA
Huge – BAH2BLA
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release Date2016 Additions Catalogue
Retired Date2018
Where It Was ReleasedSmall, Medium, Large Worldwide
Huge USA