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Chocolate Blossom

NameChocolate Blossom
Style NumberBLB6CH
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release Date2011 Main Catalogue
Retired Date2011
Where It Was ReleasedUK

Normal Colours Slight Variation

Beige With White Tail
Beige With Beige Tail
Beige Whiskers – Small
Beige Whiskers – Medium
Beige Whiskers – Large
Chocolate Whiskers – Medium
Chocolate No Whiskers – Medium
Chocolate Wired Ears – Medium
Cream Whiskers – Small
Cream Whiskers – Medium
Cream Whiskers – Huge
Cream No Whiskers – Small
Cream No Whiskers – Medium
Silver With White Tail – Medium
Silver With Silver Tail – Medium

Chocolate Bashful

Above Chocolate in Medium – 1 without Whiskers, 2 with whiskers, 3 with wired ears

Above Chocolate in Small 1 with whiskers, 2 without whiskers, 3 Blossom
Style NumberTiny – BAB6CHB
Small – BASS6CB
Medium – BAS3CB
Large – BAL2CB
Huge –
Sizes ReleasedTiny
Huge – Australian Exclusive
Release DatePre 2011
Retired Date2017
Where It Was ReleasedTiny, Small, Medium, Large – UK
Huge – Australia