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USA Exclusive Releases

Here is a list of the Bashful Bunnies that have just been released in America

Beau – All Sizes
Blake – Huge
Blush – Large and Huge
Grey – Same as UK Silver
Jasmine – All Sizes
Kiwi – Medium
Lily – All Sizes
Peach – All Sizes
Pistachio – All Sizes
Posy – All Sizes
Tessa Blossom – All
Woodland – Same as UK Cottontail

Cottontail SE Bashful

Style NumberBAS3CN
Sizes ReleasedSpecial Edition
Release Date2010 Main Catalogue
Retired Date2010
Where It Was ReleasedUK

Cottontail Bashful

Cottontail is called Woodland in USA

Style NumberSmall – BASS6BW
Medium – BAS3BW
Large – BAL2BCL
Huge – BAH2BW
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release DateMedium 2012 Additions Catalogue
Small 2013 Main Catalogue
Large and Huge 2013 Additions Catalogue
Retired DateSmall and Medium Current
Large and Huge 2020
Where It Was ReleasedUK