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Cream Blossoms

The 2 different Blossom fabric

1st Generation

NameCream Blossom (1st Generation)
Style NumberBA
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release DatePre 2011
Retired Date2011
Where It Was ReleasedUK

2nd Generation

NameCream Blossom (2nd Generation)
Style Number
Tiny – BLSB6CB
Small – BLB6CBN
Medium – BL3CBN
Large – BLB2CBN
Huge – BLH2CB
Sizes ReleasedTiny
Release DateSmall 2011 Main Catalogue
Medium 2012 Additions Catalogue
Tiny and Large 2013 Main Catalogue
Huge 2017 Additions Catalogue
Retired Datexx
Where It Was ReleasedUK

Lily Blossom

NameLily Blossom
Style NumberBL3B
Sizes ReleasedMedium
Release Date2020
Retired Datexx
Where It Was ReleasedUSA


Nutcracker was a special released for the Boston Ballet in the USA

Style NumberBA
Sizes ReleasedSpecial Edition
Release Date2019
Retired DateRetired
Where It Was ReleasedUSA

Normal Colours Slight Variation

Beige With White Tail
Beige With Beige Tail
Beige Whiskers – Small
Beige Whiskers – Medium
Beige Whiskers – Large
Chocolate Whiskers – Medium
Chocolate No Whiskers – Medium
Chocolate Wired Ears – Medium
Cream Whiskers – Small
Cream Whiskers – Medium
Cream Whiskers – Huge
Cream No Whiskers – Small
Cream No Whiskers – Medium
Silver With White Tail – Medium
Silver With Silver Tail – Medium

Bashful Bunny Cushion

These cushions where released in Beige and Cream, it was fluffy on one side and blossom on the other, the Blossom side had a little pocket for a tiny bashful to sit in

I only ever bought Beige, but as you can see its adorable

Bashful Pipsqueaks

These were released in 4 colours Beige, Pink, Blue and Cream, when you press their bodies they squeak

Bashful Mobile

The mobile is now retired, designed to hang above a babies cot/crib, the little Bashfuls are adorable

Bashful Bags

The Bashful Bags were released in Beige, Honey and Cream, these are now sadly retired

Organic Bashful

Organic was only ever available in 1 small and 1 colour

Musical Pull

3 versions of the Musical Pull were released, you pull the little bunny and it plays music, these are now sadly retired. They were available in Pink, Blue and Cream