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Silver Twinkle

This was a Selfridges exclusive

NameSilver Twinkle
Style NumberBAH2TWS
Sizes ReleasedHuge
Release Date
Retired Date
Where It Was ReleasedExclusive for Selfridges UK

Silver Blossom

ON this picture you can see the 2 different fabrics used for their ears

1st Generation

NameSilver Blossom (1st Generation)
Style NumberTiny – BLSB6SB
Small – BLB6SBN
Medium – BL3BS
Sizes ReleasedTiny
Release DateTiny and Small 2013 Main Catalogue
Medium 2014 Main Catalogue
Retired Date2017
Where It Was ReleasedUK

2nd Generation

NameSilver Blossom (2nd Generation)
Style NumberTiny – BLSB6BS
Small – BLB6SB
Medium – BL3BSN
Large- BL2SB
Sizes ReleasedTiny
Release DateTiny, Small and Medium 2017 Main Catalogue
Large 2018 Main Catalogue
Retired Datexx
Where It Was ReleasedUK

USA Exclusive Releases

Here is a list of the Bashful Bunnies that have just been released in America

Beau – All Sizes
Blake – Huge
Blush – Large and Huge
Grey – Same as UK Silver
Jasmine – All Sizes
Kiwi – Medium
Lily – All Sizes
Peach – All Sizes
Pistachio – All Sizes
Posy – All Sizes
Tessa Blossom – All
Woodland – Same as UK Cottontail

Normal Colours Slight Variation

Beige With White Tail
Beige With Beige Tail
Beige Whiskers – Small
Beige Whiskers – Medium
Beige Whiskers – Large
Chocolate Whiskers – Medium
Chocolate No Whiskers – Medium
Chocolate Wired Ears – Medium
Cream Whiskers – Small
Cream Whiskers – Medium
Cream Whiskers – Huge
Cream No Whiskers – Small
Cream No Whiskers – Medium
Silver With White Tail – Medium
Silver With Silver Tail – Medium

Twinkle Bashful

Silver was a Selfridges Exclusive and only released in Huge

Style NumberSmall – BASS6TW
Medium – BAS3TW
Large – BAL2TW
Huge – BAH2TW
Sizes ReleasedSmall
Release DateSmall, Medium and Large 2016 Additions Cat
Huge 2017 Additions Catalogue
Retired DateSmall and Medium Current
Large and Huge 2017
Where It Was ReleasedUK

Silver Bashful

Silver has been released with a white tail and with a silver tail

Style NumberTiny – BAB6BS
Small – BASS6BS
Medium – BAS3BS
Large – BAL2BS
Huge – BAH2BS
Really Big – BARBIBS
Really Really Big – BARRBIBS
Sizes ReleasedTiny
Really Big
Really Really Big
Release DateTiny, Small, Medium and Large 2013 Main
Huge and Really Big 2016 Additions Catalogue
Really Really Big 2018 Main Catalogue
Retired DateCurrent
Where It Was ReleasedUK